The Sisterhood Of Magick & Wonders

We are The Sisterhood of Magick & Wonders, a troupe of psychics and mediums who travel the country delivering messages to those who seek us out. But, we are much more than that. Each of the sisters is a natural born witch, who is a descendant of the mystics of the mountains, Appalachian Granny Women.

Within these pages are the stories and magick of the Sisterhood and of the place of our heritage — the majestic Appalachian Mountains. Tales of our ancestors and their magickal gifts, which were handed down to us, are told within these pages. The chapters share the spiritual development and life’s journey of each of the sisters.

Twenty of the Sisterhood’s favorite spells are also offered to the reader as an excerpt from our Book of Shadows. Some of us use the spelling of magic with a “k” to differentiate between real spell casting, which we practice, and stage magic.

We hope as you read our book you are drawn into our world of magick and wonders!

The sisterhood

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