Red Mill Museum Village

The site property was owned by David McKinney in 1761. The Red Mill was built by Ralph Hunt, c. 1810, on land he had inherited from his father, Daniel, who had been an early landowner in Clinton and built the Stone Mill across the street in 1763 (now known as the Hunterdon Art Museum). It was in use as a wool processing plant for the first few years, although by 1820, the wool business had failed in the downturn for cloth. Eventually, Hunt’s business failed, and he lost hundreds of acres on both sides of the river.

The mill was purchased in 1960 by the Red Mill Five, led by local artist James R. Marsh and Monroe F. DeMott. Marsh also bought the adjoining M. C. Mulligan & Sons Quarry in 1964 and donated it to the Clinton Historical Museum, which fully opened in 1965.

Events at Red Mill Museum Village

July 9, 2023

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