Hindsdale House

The haunted house in Hinsdale, NY is perhaps the most famous haunted house in the area. It has all of the elements of a good ghost story. A mysterious history, strange sightings, unexplainable events, and even an exorcism! The house was built in 1853, with land records dating back to the 1700’s. With the land being on top of a hill and containing a water source, it is a prefect place for Native Americans to want to live. In fact, native artifacts have been discovered in the ground when doing renovations. Clara and Phil Dandy, along with their children, began living in the house in the early 1970s.

During their time there, they were visited by many spirits. A priest from St. Bonaventure University was at the house more than once to perform an exorcism which worked for awhile but as time went by the Dandy family lost the battle and ended up leaving the house for good. As the years passed, other families have tried to live in the home….none of them stayed for long. Nowadays, Daniel Klaes is the owner of the infamous Hinsdale House and allows paranormal groups to investigate the property in hopes of discovering the mystery behind the spirits who haunt this home.

Events at the Hindsdale House

March 28, 2022

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